Private Equity/Venture Capital

We love to get exposure to private companies of all shapes and sizes! Our growth hat and value hat are both used daily and we’re happy wearing both.


Whatever the vehicle, we quickly know if we like it and don’t have a bureaucratic investment committee. We can give you a thumbs up or thumbs down within days of meeting you.


Early-late stage VC

Backing strong teams, whether it’s just one person with an idea or a global behemoth. For the right team, we can write checks as small or as large as needed.


Leveraged buyouts

We’re both investors and entrepreneurs at heart and love to buy good businesses.


Minority investments

Sometimes you’re not ready to get out of the passenger seat. We’re happy to join the ride and be helpful where we can.


We’ve been in since the beginning
Literally, since the Satoshi whitepapers were released…


Technical investor
We build stuff too and can tell you what people want.


Secret weapon
Blockchains rely on us to structure their incentive comp and tokenomics. We’ve been doing this for years.

Being in crypto since 2010 means we know a lot of ways to shoot ourselves in the foot, knee, hip, heart. I find it very satisfying to help this generation of crypto entrepreneurs learn the early lessons of crypto - positive and negative - so that they can achieve their full potential.

- Peter Vessenes